As an ExmartNG customer, you automatically qualify for a Mutual Financial Assistance (MFA) program (subject to our Terms of service) which enables you get Help from as low as #1,000 to any amount determined by Exmart's internal metrics as your maximum.


1. Who is eligible to Apply for E-SAP?

A. Any ExmartNG customer who is currently a student, and who is between the ages of 18 to 30 and resident in Owerri (or any other city within Nigeria additionally permitted at the time of application).

If you are not resident in Owerri, confirm Help availability in your location with support before applying.

2. Does Exmart require any collateral from those requesting for Help?

A. No

3. Does the Help I receive from E-SAP grow?

A. Yes, the Gratitude you show for this help is measured as a growth of 0.85% daily for 30 days. This growth is a guide that limits the amount of Help Exmart can request back in return.

4. When am I expected to return the Help I got from Exmart?

A. 30 days. However, you can decide to do so from the 11th day upward. You are responsible for all operator charges or data carrier fees you will incur in an attempt to access the service. You are also responsible for transaction charges you will incur from third party payment platforms like Paystack when trying to return your Help.

5. What if I don't respond to Exmart's request to Help Back after 30 days?

A. Your Gratitude graduates from 0.85% to 1.4% daily for the next 20 days (day 31 - 50). Also, ExmartNG will automatically try to charge you for the amount due anytime from the 30th day upwards. By requesting for Help from ExmartNG, you agree that, we are authorized to attempt the deduction of only the Help Back amount from your given details.

6. What if I still don't Help Back after 50 days?

A. Your Gratitude graduates from 1.4% to 2% daily until the day you return back the Help.

7. And if I choose not to return the Help at all?

A. You have broken the Terms of Service of our MFA program for which you agreed to take responsibility of the outcome by participating. Exmart also has your BVN and account details and may use same to initiate actions supporting the consent you pre-provided us by accepting to participate in our MFA.

8. How do I Request for Help?

A. Sign up on, go to your email and click the verification link mailed to you. After verifying your account, login and click on the E-SAP menu item. You will be asked to input your BVN. Exmart takes your BVN to the bank to query and retrieve your details from the bank. Exmart will automatically generate your Full Names, Date of Birth and Phone number from the BVN you supplied. Exmart will also trigger background checks to ensure that the BVN you supplied belongs to the Bank Details in your ExmartNG profile. If these conditions are met, you will gain access into the Get Help request console.

9. Can I request for multiple Helps?

A. No. One at a time

10. Can I open multiple accounts at the same time?

A. No. It is offensive to do so. It is also of no use because your BVN will be requested at second account (and not your bank account). So no matter how many bank accounts you have, only one BVN serves for all of them. Exmart will match this BVN against your previous account and flag both. You risk losing your both accounts.

11. Any advantage for returning my Help within 30 days?

A. Yes. The amount you are eligible to collect may increase each time you return your Help within 30 days. No matter your current maximum amount, it falls to #5,000 each time your help extends beyond 30 days.

12. Do I get any benefits for inviting people?

A. You may earn some commission for referring other customers to Exmart including but not limited to their data purchase, airtime purchase, get help activities etc.

By participating in Exmart MFA program, you agree to these Terms of Service and also agree to take responsibility for your every action.

Do not request for Help if you find any part of E-SAP working system inconvenient for you or incompatible with your expectations.

ExmartNG reserves the right to terminate your eligibility to receive further help at any time without prior notice or consent. ExmartNG also reserves the right to terminate the Get Help service at any time as is deemed fit and this termination does not apply to already existing or active Get Help sessions.

By applying, you agree that you have read thoroughly and understood in every respect, every part of this FAQs document.